Lost of ETH & BTC from wallter

Hey everyone!

on the 02.03 I lost some 1.5 BTC and 4.2 ETH from my []( wallet. []( claims someone had my recovery phrase so they could login easliy and use the wallet as their own.


I find it had to believe because my recovery phase is known only to me, and stored only physcially, hidden. I also notcied that some more than 1100 []( wallters were lately emptied from their funds as you can see in this Tweet: [](


I’m not accusing anyone, and am not here to blame. However I do want []( to perform an honest, professional investigation and explain how could over 1100 wallted be missused over just a few weeks..


So, If something simliar happned to you, if you are sure no one had access to your recovery phrase, yet your wallet was emptied without your 2FA activated or your confirmation to the submission of funds from your wallet, please comment to the post or write me in person.


My only interest is to understand how could it be that many []( wallets were emptied, and their funds were sent to one of few address (as bc1q7hnver6kgds0pxvludy30hea5pn44ue05t674c ).


The more people we are, the easier will be to get []( technical and/ or legal response.

Help me for your funds safety, but also for everyons’ saftey and trust in our funds storage platforms as []( and others.



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  1. Are you sure you never entered your private information somewhere ? Truth to be told pepe would only be able to move funds if they knew your credentials, other way they wouldn’t be able to do that (else the whole system in would collapse).

    Have you tried to remember if in the past you may have done that ?

  2. I created a wallet for my dad to give him some BTC as a Christmas present in 2019. Somehow his wallet was emptied as well and I never figured out how.

  3. What a legitimate concern and yet left on the sub without getting noticed . You know why post like this gets ignored ? Because they cost the price to go down . Shame



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