Lost the password to paper wallet, anyone here who can crack it for 600 USD?


First and foremost, thank you for all that chipped in and told me stuff about my wallet that I still can’t quite comprehend – you guys truly are awesome for this computer n00b


Second, a big thank you to u/WSB_Prince for walking me through a step by step tutorial to crack my wallet


Finally – fuck you to the douche that jacked my bitcoin cash. Seriously, dude?



So apparently – my password is EXACTLY what I typed out, but for some reason, I can’t access it – I’m currently on a mission to find out why others can access my empty account below, but I can’t. Thank you all so much for those that helped!!!


Basically – [what this guy did.](


November 6th, 2016 – I generated a couple paper wallets all on the same sheet of paper and password protected them with bitcoin. I have .08 btc in a paper wallet [here.](

I’m offering $600 USD (or the equivalent in BTC at the time of transaction) to anyone who is able to crack the password. I also know the odds, but if he got his password, perhaps I could get mine from you guys as well.


These are my facts:

* I wrote “Tqbfjotld. – Sentence” on the sheet where my paper wallets were stored – reminding myself that the password was: “**The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.**” with the “T” underlined three times, telling me that letter was capitalized.
* I don’t think I did anything special, like **backwards, cHaNgE oF fOnT sIzE, numeric, special, or non-special characters** – I genuinely remember myself thinking no one was going to guess that password anyways if it were a sentence.


You can try your guesses on a **different, empty paper wallet encrypted with the same password** – these two paper wallets are from the same batch, printed at the same time, on the same physical sheet of paper:

**Private:** NULL

**Public (empty):** NULL


Thank you guys so much. Appreciated.

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  1. I successfully decrypted this empty key and I obtained the same public address you posted, however the pass seems to be *exactly* how you typed it in your post.

    Maybe you forgot to add the period at the end while trying to decrypt?

  2. I tried running my own BIP38 scanner on this as trial. It spat out that your BIP38 key has the “Third Party key EC Multiply flag” set.

    This is set when a third party generates the encrypted key (without knowing original key or pwd) using an intermediate code. Unfortunately I never added code to support this in my cracker so can’t use it. Not even sure if it’s much work to alter code for support.

    Oh well.

    edit – if you are using a BIP38 decrypter that is not the same as your original encrypter then it’s possible it’s not even supporting this EC flag and hence, not working properly. If so, then I’d suggest finding a BIP38 decrypter that you know supports the EC flag. It could be why your expected pwd is not working.

  3. I was typing “Tqbfjotld” on my keyboard just for fun and I immediately got it wrong: I typed an extra “v” after the “o” (because my muscle memory told me that in “over” there is a “v” after the “o”).

    Try that.

    Other ideas:

    * Extra spaces at the end and/or at the beginning. It happens if you copy/paste the password
    * NULL character at the end? Is that included?
    * utf8, utf16 version of the same string? Did you try that? The hash is completely different

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