Lot of misinformation and hate being spread about XRP.

If you’re new to crypto or have been around since the beginning, read this. This message applies to all the misinformation about all cryptos, not just XRP.

**Tribalism against each other doesn’t help us in our battle to replace the centralized systems we have today.**

If you really do some research you would know that the [development of XRP]( began before the company *Ripple* was established. Do your own research and stop relying on crypto YouTubers that could be biased towards the cryptos they hold(ex. Bitcoin maximalists). You’re playing **the telephone game** when you spread information like that with no evidence linked. There are a lot of people new to the crypto space, and they don’t need to be told trendy lies about certain cryptos. Cite some sources and let them form their own opinion.

[XRP is a decentralized]( crypto, and is [more decentralized than Bitcoin]( XRP is solving real world issues by settling transactions in less than 5 seconds, and with fees that are less than a penny. In my opinion, I just see Bitcoin as a store of value, which is a good use case.

Let’s stop the tribalism with the cryptos we hold. We shouldn’t be arguing which crypto is better, because they are all trying to solve some sort of issue, or issues. It should be us versus the centralized systems we have today, so that we can have decentralized systems tomorrow.

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  1. > “Ripple runs seven validators, [which is] about four percent of [all] public validators.”

    >Keeping this in mind, Garlinghouse added:

    >”By almost any measures now, the XRP Ledger is more decentralized than the Bitcoin ledger or Ethereum ledger, where you have a very small number of miners controlling you know well past 50% of mining power.”

    I think when a lot of the people jumping on the anti-Ripple bandwagon repeat these talking points about XRP being centralised, they don’t fully understand what they are saying. The XRP ledger is decentralised. You could argue that large volumes of XRP are centralised in that Ripple controls how/when they are released onto the market, but I don’t think that in and of itself is enough to make the claim that XRP is centralised.

    The other thing I don’t really get as a talking point against Ripple is the fact that Garlinghouse sold his XRP for profit. It was a part of his pay package, shouldn’t he be allowed to do with it what he wishes? If your company pays you partially in shares and you want to sell them, are you not free to do that?

  2. The real reason for so much hate is largely misinformation and misrepresentations. That is because Ripple had to make decisions about how to develop XRPL early on in 2012-15 that made it centralized. It’s one of the oldest crypto businesses an I’d argue many of the companies saw what Ripple had done an changed to a more decentralized model straight away to avoid the exact issue Ripple is dealing with now. Jed did exactly that when he left Ripple.

    To have RCP work an be viable to enterprise they needed institutional grade nodes from the very beginning. Ripple ran a bunch, curated the list of mostly businesses, universities and internet providers and continued the development of XRPL slowly relinquishing control. Which was always the plan, developing enterprise grade nodes in a synchronous network an slowly decentralize it.

    What the clueless mouth breathers in this sub don’t understand is XRPL is now more decentralized than BTC and its carbon neutral. 65-80% of BTC hash located in China 73% of all ASIC hardware is manufactured in China by TWO companies and it uses 130+ Twh an counting.

    XRPL is decentralized and close to commercialization. Its goal is to have a core of 60-100 enterprise level nodes then expand to include non ideal nodes which will increase the ledgers robustness. Soon Ripple will be operating 0% nodes and with the changes being made the UNL will start to include regular people.

  3. Most people don’t care about the facts. It’s created by a fintech company so they want none of it and think its centralised with only one transaction verifier. Bitcoin is much better in their opinion because it is more decentralised and anonymous.

    However they don’t realise that XRP settles in 4 seconds where as it takes half an hour for Bitcoin to settle. For now that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but the demand for instantaneous cross border payments will increase in the future, and XRP is one of the technologies that is going to make that possible.

    It’s similar to e-mail when people said, yeah but i can just send a physical letter? What is the point of e-mail? Well the point is that it arrives instantaneously, similar to how XRP can transfer money instantaneously.

  4. Your post is factual, but too many people here do subscribe to tribalism and will automatically downvote anything that paints XRP in any kind of positive light. I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to change people’s minds on here, their loss is your gain. Besides to any level-headed logical person who is looking to make money, it is pretty obvious that regardless of what you think of the tech or the long term future of XRP, that it is a good idea to buy right now. The price is artificially deflated due to the SEC lawsuit, which is clearly not going well for the SEC and ultimately will result in XRP being declared a commodity rather than a security, exchanges will relist and their will be a market correction on the price that will be profitable to anyone holding XRP. If people would rather not pay attention to these obvious facts because “meh, centralized” then that is their problem.

  5. I mean, the pretence of your argument is sound but we should be arguing which cryptocurrency is better. That’s what happens in a non-crypto world, it should translate into the crypto world. We should be discussing if Cardano could be a better smart contract platform than Ethereum or if Ripple is better than Stellar.

    However, we should be doing this with sound information, not spouting FUD.

  6. You are probably new here and wasn’t around when the owners sporadically dumped large amounts of XRP numerous times during the bear market while other coins were gaining momentum. Even before the SEC investigation, XRP was lagging behind all the other coins mostly for this reason.



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