Lunar Phases & BTC Price Action

Lunar Phases & BTC Price Action

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  1. I noticed all this a very long time ago and began developing a really interesting theory around it all (which may be utter nonsense).

    Last time humanity was seeing the same level of chaotic technological disruption we are today and fearing for its future due to things like the nuclear arms race, it was in us collectively moving our energies to The Space Race and looking to the Moon that got us all back into the light.

    Early on in the bitcoin project we seeded the “To The Moon!” meme and starting penning essays on the importance of transitioning to a Type I Civilisation by ushering in a similar dramatic shift in the human narrative to the one saw happen during that JFK “We’re going to the moon” era.

    **Where attention goes, energy flows.**

    Branson and Virgin Galactic then became one of the first major companies in the world to start putting out pro-bitcoin articles. Thus that “To The Moon” meme became a self-fulfilling prophecy to the point where a decade on, NASA have announced the Artemis program which should see us actually return there and build a lunar base.

    We saw all this reflected in popular culture: all the Netflix sci-fi dramas that started appearing and, later on, brands using images of astronauts and lunar bases in their advertising.

    **Does this play in the subconscious every bitcoin investing cycle? Is each lunar month a literal market race to the moon?**

    Why does the moon seem to keep playing such an important role during humanities greatest periods of challenge and uncertainty?

    To answer that question, we perhaps have to think back to an era before electricity and artificial lights.

    Back in tribal times neighbouring tribes used to come together for full moon ceremonies where they would trade gifts, share ideas and mate with each other. The light from the full moon would illuminate the otherwise dark and scary landscape, and fear amongst the populace would be at its lowest.

    This all gave rise to the pagans and matrilineal societies that worshipped Mother Earth and the Moon Goddess etc. The festival of Easter, for instance, comes from [Ēostre]( – a Pagan Spring Goddess symbolising new life (which is where the eggs and bunnies came from).

    Away from those Full Moon celebrations, New Moon would be a time for rest and recovery – we would retreat to our respective camps and lay low, comforted by the campfire and those we felt safe and familiar with.

    And so after aeons of those lunar cycles being writ in our DNA influencing the ebb and flow of civilisation, perhaps the markets are reflecting the same old ancient primeval instincts: during new moon, the nerds retreat to their inner sanctums and bury themselves in a comfortable and familiar cyberspace… working on bitcoin and hitting up twitter and reddit, etc. and the increased online activity, combined with those fearful of a world undergoing rapid change seeking solace in new technologies that provide hope, pushes the price up… Then when full moon arrives, a collective sigh of relief is gasped, the nerds (and people from the old world) go out and embrace IRL again and the frenzied activity subsides until the cycle once again repeats.

What do you think?

Sylvain Saurel

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