Maidsafe Release the Fleming Test Net

Maidsafe Release the Fleming Test Net

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  1. tldr; The Fleming testnet has been released. It includes all the major components that will form the core of the Safe Network’s core, including section splits, rewards, AT2 payments, accepting new nodes only when resources are required, and the section chain being fork resistant. Next up is the Maxwell Network, which will add in the ability for upgrades on top of Fleming.

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  2. They like to call it the Impossible Network, but I would call it the Everything Network. In my view this is the ultimate platform for dApps, you get all the benefits of a blockchain without a blockchain and it is integrated with storage that doesn’t neither charge you for hosting nor for traffic, and everything is backuped forever for free. And it respects your privacy because it is anonymous by default!

  3. For the people who never heard of Maidsafe, this was a top 10 project long before most people heard of Blockchain or Bitcoin.

    It’s unfortunately extremely large and therefore delivery takes ages at it dropped out of the top 100 long ago.

    Having them deliver a testnet is big news and I would encourage people to read up on the project even as a history lesson.

  4. And here I was thinking I was fairly tech savvy. Google, the Maidsafe Website, and these comments have done nothing but confused me further. Can someone ELI5 please? Is this some kind of high security web browser, a decentralized way to store files, a crypto mining platform, all of the above? What’s the purpose?

  5. Fantastic achievement. I’ve been following since 2017 and I’ve been consistently impressed with their weekly technical updates and the teams vision. It’s refreshing to see a crypto project that isn’t all marketing. Can’t wait to see more!



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