Mainstrean Bitcoin analysts this week.

Mainstrean Bitcoin analysts this week.

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  1. People just need to understand Bitcoin is in limbo, and until some level of stable equilibrium starts to form with the price fluctuations, no level of analysis will be accurate enough to predict anything for longer than a couple days – maybe a week max.

  2. I think we just have to accept the massive oversight on who was going to invest in crytpo. It was made out that the everyman would use it to beat the system, but the fact of the matter is the system just adopted it as another speculative asset it could manipulate. We are on the doorstep of a massive international recession, bitcoins price will drop with the international stock market, but it will grow alongside it again in the future.

  3. Who are you talking about?

    A lot of traders are long bulls on Bitcoin, doesn’t mean they didn’t see obvious trouble in the short-term.

    People are allowed to do their own due diligence, and they don’t need to subscribe to the cult of “hodl and buy more at any price!”

    You’re not the King of Bitcoin, you don’t get to gatekeep what Bitcoin is, or what it means, for others.

  4. I have always called crypto gambling and I have always been right. Its a fools game and nothing but speculation. Its like just picking any one random stock and throwing money at it and hoping it goes up big. More people are going to lose in the long run with crypto than win but those that do win will win big as we have seen with some. Simply not worth it. I’ll stick with my significantly lower risk 10%+ in my index funds which have a good 100+ year track record.

    Nothing against crypto but its nothing but speculation at this point. I see no fundamentals with it that makes me believe it will grow in the future. I only see it growing because of hype just like what happened with stocks like Gamestop and AMC.

  5. Just wait one month until we see Q2 earnings coming in. 9 percent earning growth is currently the consensus over 2021. Bear market rallies can be very powerful though it wouldn’t surprise me if we had a big rally until then.

  6. Isn’t it already obvious that it goes up after reward halving every time and then right after that the media and people who don’t understand the supply/demand side push it into bubble territory so it corrects because at some point these guys run out of money, but the miners still need to sell to cover operating costs?

    Edit: 3rd cycle I’ve seen so maybe that’s why I’m a bit cynical about it.

  7. I stop searching for stuff like “How high BTC will go” or something similar many years ago 😀 I just don’t care anymore. Everyone is just pure guessing.

    Multibillion hedge fund or peasants on the street none of them know where market will go 😀

  8. In other news, Peter Schiff was found dead yesterday after masturbating himself down to a worn out stub, leaving only a dried out dusty husk with an enormous grin on its face.

  9. Imagine if all the crypttards just bought gold. Sigh. But no, that’s too *boomer*. So let’s grow long hair and wear bell bottoms to be cringy af different — or invent a digital tulip called Bitcoin. Great idea…until inevitable greed spawned thousands of ridiculous altcoins like Wrapped Ampleforth and Hackerlabs DAO and Pirate Chain lol. On one hand, it’s amusing to watch noobs learn a painful & costly lesson, but admittedly frustrating to ponder where we could be if we ALL simply agreed to buy gold.

    Reminds me of the hundreds of different Linux distros; all in some ways a broken mess. All these great minds thinly spread out over hundreds of different distro flavors of basically the same thing. Microsoft loves this Linux clusterF with its ONE polished Windows monopoly.

    Learn why gold, out of all the known Universe elements, makes the most sense for money. No such thing as “alt-gold” and never will be, no matter how hard humans try.

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