Man makes millions using ‘cow poop’ to run cryptocurrency mining firm

Man makes millions using ‘cow poop’ to run cryptocurrency mining firm

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  1. tldr; A British entrepreneur has developed a cryptocurrency mining machine that runs only on manure in a profitable effort to utilize sustainable energy. Josh Riddett, the 30-year-old managing editor at Easy Crypto Hunter, has reportedly established a system of harvesting energy from the fecal matter of cows in order to mine for cryptocurrency.

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  2. Give’s a whole new meaning to the term “Shitcoin” LOL…..

    Interesting read and very creative idea on his part.

    Being over 50 myself, I loved this line in the article:

    >while the average age of our agricultural customers is 58, the vast majority of farmers now can talk about technology with the same confidence they talk about cows and pigs.

    Kinda punches a giant hole in the common narrative that tech, and especially crypto, is only embraced by younger generations πŸ™‚

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