Mark Cuban Argues Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold, Telling Peter Schiff ‘Gold Is Dead, Move on’

Mark Cuban Argues Bitcoin Is Better Than Gold, Telling Peter Schiff ‘Gold Is Dead, Move on’

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  1. Both are wrong. Bitcoin and Gold will prevail.

    Gold always does its job and increases when it needs to do its job: In certain crisis situations. I don´t have a problem with my gold holdings decreasing in value in bright times. But when your countries economy goes full venezuela, then gold will always be gold and valuable.

  2. If people stayed relying on the first type of car ever built we would all be in trouble. Listen… all these people speaking up about crypto all the sudden are whales. People with a lot of money tend to develop a God complex so to speak. They all think they know best. I actually like Cubans views lately. He has given it some momentum for sure. Particularly his rebuttals to Schiff. Old items eventually find a way to be replaced by new items. It’s called history and there is plenty of proof. Gold wont ever disappear or be replaced. But that new hot smart girl just walked into class and I think Schiff is just pissed off he’s trapped in a relationship with Goldy locks. No one is suggesting we send all the worlds gold on a rocket ship to the sun. But old thinking like the Schiffmiester is exactly why we are still driving cars and not flying them. Just my opinion

  3. Mark Cuban is slowly but surely changing his mind.

    Like all Bitcoin Bears, he will eventually become a Bitcoin Bull.

    It’s only a matter of time.

    For some, like Peter Schiff, or Warren Buffett, it will take much longer.

  4. I don’t know how you can read this and think “wow, cool, BTC to tha moon”

    and not: “nice BTC is now just another toy for the rich and they sure know how to play this game better then us small people”.

  5. Then in a twist of events, Peter Schiff American Psychos Mark Cuban and screams “Mark Cuban is dead, move on.” His son Spencer then argues about it with him on twitter.

  6. Meanwhile we have articles in Scandinavia that says “Forget bitcoin – Buy Gold and Silver”. Usually when mainstream media tells you not to buy something, it’s probably a good idea to buy it.

  7. The gold-bitcoin analogy needs to stop, just like the dust ethereum and other smart contract blockchains are raising needs to be stopped. The crux of this matter is that both systems needs each other to effectively compete for value.

    I prefer calling BTC, digital gold as it’s my base currency when providing token pairing for liquidity on [the press](, it boosts my confidence.



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