Mark Cuban Says Dallas Mavericks Are ‘Talking About’ Blockchain for NBA Ticketing

Mark Cuban Says Dallas Mavericks Are ‘Talking About’ Blockchain for NBA Ticketing

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  1. People this is not some bullshit Elon tweet. Cuban understands NFTs and NFTs are the perfect way to sell tickets and avoid scalpers or counterfeits.

    This is not bullshit and it’s not a pie in the sky dream. He’s serious about it and I for one think it’s a great idea

  2. tldr; Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says the team is considering using blockchain for ticketing and fan identity verification. “It completely changes the resale market, and if you tie it to an individual that has, let’s just say their social security number, and it’s been validated by multiple sources… then boom, you’re good to go,” Cuban said.

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  3. If people can’t resale than I wonder if it will be harder to sell season tickets.

    However, I do think blockchain is a great way to ensure valid transactions on the secondary market.

  4. I’m honestly tired of Cuban and friends hyping up tech they don’t understand. The guy even went to WSB a few weeks a go to pump the stock. I hope some realize that he’s just playing around with the poor’s money.

  5. I’ve wondered if blockchain could be applied to ticketing as a way to disrupt Ticketmaster and drastically reduce purchase fees for the industry. Except I envisioned a different scenario from Cuban where tickets are like NFTs, and instead of preventing a secondary market, the dApp would actually *facilitate* the transfer of tickets (with no kick-back to the team, because screw that).

  6. I just mentioned that idea in another post. Imagine contributing to your Team’s subreddit and getting moons from your posts that you could then turn around and purchase tickets with? I’d be on there EVERYDAY

  7. I remember Cuban saying he doesn’t believe/trust cryptocurrency. But believes that Blockchain is the future.

    Maybe he changed his mind on cryptocurrency, but I do think he will be the first to make Blockchain for other uses more common.



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