Mark Cuban says “no” to Bitcoin ETF, prefers holding BTC – TheDailySats

Mark Cuban says “no” to Bitcoin ETF, prefers holding BTC – TheDailySats

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  1. Problem is many (most?) Big Money entities cannot legally buy bitcoin directly, or at least they can do it only with a lot of legal and bureaucratic effort due to existing law and the established administrative paths. Individuals OTOH do not have to deal with this sort of thing.

  2. The ETF is for investors who legally can’t buy BTC directly and for older people who don’t want the stress of setting up on an exchange. They just want to buy what pops up on their brokerage.

  3. Yup! Like gold, if u don’t HODL it you don’t own it. Gold certificates?? Scam…why I laugh at Peter Schiff, u cannot verify the certificate to gold. I promise you 100x of paper certificates saying you own gold exist compared to actual ounces on earth. Bitcoin can be verified ALL the time. Imagine a secure Fort Knox that’s verifiable in real time.

  4. He’s right. If you are able to buy Bitcoin directly, why do it through an ETF or through a bank?

    You would lose the advantage that Bitcoin gives you: being able to control your money from any kind of censorship.

    You must not let these players in the current system try to steal the Bitcoin revolution from you, which is about giving you back the power over your money.

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