Mastercard Officially Announces Plans to allow All Merchants to Accept Bitcoin and Offer Bitcoin Rewards

Mastercard Officially Announces Plans to allow All Merchants to Accept Bitcoin and Offer Bitcoin Rewards

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  1. The problem with this is: will they be accepting real Bitcoin? Like can I go with my Bitcoin wallet and pay? That is the true revolution. But I’m afraid they mean you can have a “promise to pay you an amount in Bitcoin” not real Bitcoin just like with Revolut or so, and then go to a Merchant and pay with this promise. But in reality no Bitcoin gets exchanged. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. How is this not going to create a tax kerfuffle of epic proportions? At least in the U.S. there is some rule about not having to report and pay on gains for up to $200 of retail transacting or the like… sadly I’d probably hit that cap in a month or two on my morning mochas. If we see heavy inflation such that people take to this to counter it, I don’t know how on earth the average individual is going to manage their tax reporting properly, or how the IRS is going to check it.

  3. El Salvador Bitcoin adoption with Lightning Network scared 💩 out of all financial institutions including Mastercard.

    They are in desperation and hoping that people choose their services in the future but it doesn’t make sense as Bitcoin+Lightning network is precisely designed to eliminate all third parties including Mastercard and banks.

  4. “…plans to allow…to accept bitcoin…” probably for a hefty fee and might not be real bitcoin they are talking about. no merchant needs mastercard or visa or paypal to accept real bitcoin LOL.

  5. Quite inevitable really. I believe we all had an idea this would happen. The fiat world slowly accepting cryptocurrency. It’s only a matter of time. As long as actual Bitcoin is involved in the exchange, it’s a good development.

  6. Its crazy. Even visa is advertising saying they arent a credit card company but a network connecting everyone across all nations to each other, as if any of us give a fuck. They are 100% trying to pivot also.

  7. nah. it’s too soon. the banks won’t allow it yet. that’s why even China backed off from their “marching” to switch to crypto as a standard. but the change is gonna come soon. US printed 40% of all ever printed $ in the last 12 months; they can’t keep up to crypto.


    The mainly purposes of crypto is to get rid of the middleman and you all are cheering about a big establishment adopting crypto and profiting on it after years and years they say that Bitcoin has no value.

    They are trying to monopolize this new technology.

    Don’t let crypto bein corrupted. Fuck Them.

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