Mastercard set to announce plan to allow all merchants to accept Bitcoin and offer BTC

Mastercard set to announce plan to allow all merchants to accept Bitcoin and offer BTC

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  1. crypto rewards on more available cards and it is going to be game over.. i wonder how that would effect market small everyday consistent purchases most likely wouldn’t be sold till end of month if at all

  2. ETFs and Credit cards are starting to realize they need to be in the Bitcoin game somehow, otherwise they’ll be the next blockbuster.

    People don’t need ETFs and Credit cards though, they can get bitcoin directly from the exchange and pay directly from their wallet, without any other company involved.

    Let’s see how many people these companies convince otherwise, and let’s see how much fees are they planning to charge them

  3. Bakkt and Mastercard are a joke. Mastercard CEO was talking shit about Bitcoin not to long ago and instead parroting how stablecoins are a better approach.

    Visa on the other hand is all in on Bitcoin and actually published research papers to make Bitcoin better. Check out their site.

  4. If they didn’t they would go down into oblivion sooner than later. Nevertheless: Don’t use such shit. Use reputable exchanges for getting in and out. Beside that use Bitcoin and Lightning directly.

  5. I would change so quickly to a mastercard credit card if it offered me bitcoin rewards!
    This is so so so huge.

    I still remember when visa cancelled my bitcoin purchases in 2017 & then never refunded me. Time flies xD.

  6. Yes, I am sure that BTC is definitely going to eliminate the banks and financial institutiona and fees.
    Oh wait, MasterCard is totally promoting and behind most BTC code and the crypto tech.

    It’s like a joke that people still think BTC is something alternative.

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