Matic Becomes the Second Blockchain to Integrate Native Chainlink Fees

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One of the more popular networks, Matic, has announced that it’s been successful in deploying Chainlink feeds as their recommended oracle solutions for developers. 


As such, it has become the second network after Ethereum to actively integrate Chainlink Price Feed oracles. 

Matic and Chainlink: Active Data Feeds

In a press release shared with CryptoPotato, Matic Network revealed that it has become the second blockchain outside of Ethereum to successfully deploy active Chainlink price feed oracles. 


According to the release, there are five price feeds already launched on Matic’s mainnet. These include: 




The growing demand for DeFi solutions on Matic Network means that other feeds will be included in the future. The document also says that there are several DeFi projects that have already committed to using Chainlink, including PlotX’s prediction markets, EasyFi, and so forth. By using Chainlink’s data feeds, these projects will now be able to execute important futures such as checking loan collateralization, swapping synthetic assets, minting, and so forth. 

Why Chainlink?

Matic has selected Chainlink because it offers developers access to high-quality information alongside a decentralized oracle infrastructure. Additional benefits include Sybil-resistant oracle nodes, as well as transparent processes where users and developers are capable of monitoring how oracle networks and individual nodes function in real-time. 


Additionally, outside of Price Feeds and VRF, Chainlink will be available as a general-purpose oracle solution that will enable connectivity to various off-chain APIs, boosting the development of externally-connected blockchain-based applications. There are projects that already take advantage of the flexibility provided by Chainlink. 

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