(Mega Bullish 5 Feb 2021 News) EY (Ernst & Young) announces extension of blockchain solution deployment in China on Ethereum

This is mega-bullish, because EY (Ernst & Young) is one of the Big Four accounting firms, with global presence in almost all countries.

The news comes from EY Official Website itself!

Also, EY emphasises that it is “the world leader in business applications on the **public Ethereum network”,** this is especially bullish because they are eventually intending to use the Ethereum Mainnet which requires real ETH as gas to run!

**Question to experts: What are the “open permissioned version” and “controlled access version” of Ethereum mentioned in the document?**

Source (EY Official Website): [](


* **Expects to provide EY suite of blockchain solutions on Ethereum and FISCO BCOS through the Blockchain Service Network (BSN)**
* EY teams will also use BSN’s forthcoming controlled-access service to help enable **regulatory-compliant access to the Ethereum network in China.**
* By offering both FISCO BCOS and **Ethereum**, EY professionals will serve clients within China and across the Asia-Pacific region and connect those users to the global blockchain. I see this as a key step forward in connecting the world’s largest economies through blockchain technology.”
* Initial availability will focus on the planned **open permissioned version of Ethereum** in China with a future extension to a **controlled access version of the Ethereum** network across the globe when it becomes available. **(Question to experts: what are “open permissioned version” and “controlled access version” of Ethereum?)**
* The EY organization’s position as the world leader in business applications on the **public Ethereum network**, and its large investment in assurance technology, is a great addition to our organization and will help create significant value for our users.

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