Megan Fox Reveals “Horrific” Dating History and Poignant Poetry Collection

In a candid revelation, Hollywood sensation Megan Fox opened up about her tumultuous dating history, shedding light on past abusive relationships with high-profile figures. The “Transformers” actress, now engaged to Machine Gun Kelly, shared her experiences during an interview on “Good Morning America,” emphasizing the importance of her newfound love and creative outlet.

Unveiling Hidden Pain:

Fox bravely spoke about enduring not only physically abusive relationships but also psychologically traumatic encounters. Though she didn’t disclose specific names, the actress hinted at the stature of these individuals, emphasizing the pervasive nature of such hidden struggles. While Fox’s dating history includes connections with actors like Shia LaBeouf, David Gallagher, and her former spouse Brian Austin Green, she chose not to divulge further details.

Megan Fox Reveals “Horrific” Dating History

A Voice Through Poetry:

In a powerful testament to her resilience, Fox recently released a collection of poems titled “Pretty Boys Are Poisonous.” Through her verses, she subtly addresses the pain she endured, offering readers a glimpse into her personal journey. The actress carefully navigates her experiences, choosing to protect certain aspects of her trauma while delivering a poignant message of strength and survival.

A Love Story:

Within her collection, Fox dedicates verses to her fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, acknowledging his unwavering support in her creative endeavor. The poems illuminate a deep emotional connection, referencing a “32-year-old narcissist” and a “true love, twin flame” – believed to be heartfelt allusions to Kelly himself. Their shared journey also extends to moments of heartbreak, touching on the profound loss of a miscarriage in evocative lines.

A Glimpse of Grief:

In raw and visceral prose, Fox delves into the pain of miscarriage, painting a vivid emotional landscape. Through verses titled “I” and “II,” she grapples with profound questions, offering readers an intimate perspective on her sorrow. While neither Fox nor MGK has officially confirmed the rumors, the lyrical echoes of their shared pain resonate deeply.


Megan Fox’s candid revelations and evocative poetry collection are testaments to her strength and resilience. Through her words, she navigates the complexities of her past, finding solace and empowerment in creativity and love. As she continues to share her journey, Fox invites readers to reflect on the power of transformation and healing in the face of adversity.

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