Megyn Kelly Defends Elon Musk, Slams Media Matters as a “Hack” Organization

In a show of support for embattled tech mogul Elon Musk, Megyn Kelly has come out swinging against watchdog group Media Matters for America, accusing the organization of targeting conservatives and engaging in “hack” journalism. Kelly’s remarks come amidst Musk’s ongoing legal battle with Media Matters following a report that found X (formerly Twitter) placing advertisements for major brands alongside antisemitic, pro-Hitler, and white nationalist content.

Kelly, a prominent conservative media personality, shared her personal experiences with Media Matters, alleging that the organization has a history of taking her words out of context and attempting to get her fired. She described Media Matters’ sole purpose as being to “get conservatives fired, to get anybody right of center fired, ruined, canceled. That’s what they exist for.

Her comments echo Musk’s own accusations against Media Matters, whom he has accused of using “deceptive” methods to curate a timeline of posts that misinformed advertisers. Musk has threatened to file a “thermonuclear lawsuit” against the organization, a claim that has yet to materialize.

Media Matters President Angelo Carusone has countered Musk’s claims, asserting that the organization is simply holding X accountable for its platform’s content. He has also accused Musk of hypocrisy, pointing out that the tech mogul has admitted to the accuracy of Media Matters’ findings.

The back-and-forth between Musk, Media Matters, and Kelly underscores the ongoing debate about the role of social media platforms in combating misinformation and hate speech. While Musk maintains that X is committed to free speech, critics argue that the platform’s algorithms and lax content moderation policies allow for the proliferation of harmful content.

As the legal battle between Musk and Media Matters unfolds, it remains to be seen whether X will take concrete steps to address the issues raised by the watchdog group. Meanwhile, Kelly’s defense of Musk highlights the deep divisions that exist over the regulation of social media and the protection of free speech.

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