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Meow raises $5M in seed funding to build bridge between corporate treasuries and crypto yield market

Meow, a platform offering a compliant bridge for institutional and corporate investors to participate in cryptocurrency investment opportunities, today announced that the company has raised USD $5 million in a seed round of funding. Coinbase Ventures, Gemini Frontier Fund, Lux Capital, and others including Jump Capital, Slow Ventures, Shine Capital, Castle Island Ventures, Acrylic, participated in the round.

Until now, corporate treasuries have lacked a compliant, user-friendly path to deliver cash-in-cash-out participation in crypto investment opportunities. Meow seeks to eliminate the need for complex crypto wallets and enable a direct and compliant bridge between institutional investors and crypto market yield. The company plans to provide direct access to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols for crypto yield.   

“Corporate treasuries, who are typically more cautious and measured investors, will have direct, cash-in-cash-out access to the most trusted digital trading desks and protocols, to potentially yield them return on cash that currently sits idle in a savings account,” said Brandon Arvanaghi, co-founder and CEO, Meow. “Meow ensures SEC-compliant access for corporate treasuries to emerging crypto opportunities, which is what they have been quietly asking for and now opens the doors for Wall Street to confidently participate.”

Aiming to deliver compliant investing for corporate treasures, the Meow platform will offer some protection from the risks of inflation and provide crypto-sourced yield in fiat (USD). Enabling corporate investors to interact with DeFi protocols in cash, which is an established way for them to operate, will provide a user-friendly, compliance-first, sustainable and long-term approach to participate in emerging crypto investments and potential yields.

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