Meta Building For the Metaverse — VP Nick Clegg

vice president for Global Affairs and Communications at Meta Platforms Nick Clegg, has hinted at the major plans of the company

Meta Vice President Shares The Company’s Plans

During his interview with Financial Times’ Matthew Garrahan, Clegg was in high spirits as he continued to speak jokingly and in a bare-it-all manner, while also sharing some notable insights into the plans of Facebook’s new Meta project.

Clegg insists that Meta will be as open as possible and would not be looking to build the metaverse alone.

Probably in a bit to douse the skepticisms around the metaverse, the VP also confirms that, contrary to the opinions of many people, metaverse is not going to be solely owned, administered and operated by Mark Zuckerberg and Meta.

The former British politician continued his remarks by stressing on the importance of encouraging collaborations, that will ultimately lead to the accelerated evolution of technology.

In addition, Clegg highlighted the importance of Meta Platforms coming out as early as they did. Amongst his reasons was the fact that this is a well thought-out project, and one that boasts to be quite unlike previous technological innovations that were rushed and later went on to have issues as they raced to comply with society and regulation standards. His thought process might not be unrelated to the issues that arose with the Frances Haugen saga. According to the VP, “this time we can do it the other way round.”

Facebook’s corporate diversion into the metaverse market at Facebook’s Connect conference last Thursday, places them amongst blockchain platforms like Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and Decentraland in creating the architecture of virtual reality for people to work, interact, and live together.

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