Michael Saylor – Bitcoin is Worth Over $100 Trlillion

Michael Saylor – Bitcoin is Worth Over $100 Trlillion

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  1. “A revolution in property rights”…..’Really Bitcoin versus stocks, land, and building”…tells day traders “Don’t trade it!….leverage it! He thinks we should just refer to it as crypto assets, to make it easier for the public to understand and adopt. Mind blowing where this is all leading to.

  2. **”Energy is the same as money.**

    **Money is half of everything.**

    **Energy is, you know, its like …**

    **The way the economy works is:**

    **You provide me with a product, an Iphone or service**

    **A good or a service or you give me property, a house!**

    **Or you give me a party**

    **Or you give me a car, right?**

    **So… I’m buying those with money.”**



    This guy sure knows what he’s talking about!

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