Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin will subsume gold then it will subsume negative yielding sovereign debts”

Me: Wtf is negative yielding sovereign debts?

Google negative yielding sovereign debts market cap.


Holy smoke! Bitcoin market cap is 1T right now, it has a lot of room to grow, 19x is not bad at all 😛

Pull calculator out $53,038 x 19 = $1,007,722

I could live with that 🙂

For comments that say I don’t understand Bitcoin market cap:

In this example, the assumption was never for the 18 trillions to fully pour into Bitcoin. Note that the MARKET CAP of negative yielding sovereign debts is 18 trillions, NOT the value of all liquid negative yielding sovereign debts is 18 trillions.

The calculation was a market cap to market cap one. It was intentionally oversimplified, only for illustration purposes.

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  1. That’s just one component too. What about luxury art, luxury real estate, etc etc. Yeah it’s nice stuff, but don’t kid yourself. Rich people buy these things as a store of value. If Bitcoin eats gold and negative yielding bonds, why wouldn’t it also start eating into these high end markets. Buy another Patek Philippe watch, or just buy a Bitcoin? I’m thinking many with wealth will simply decide to hold Bitcoin once they have enough “stuff”. How many luxury homes do you need to own? Why not own one or two you really love, keep the rest of your money in Bitcoin, and you can use Airbnb to stay in nice places anyway.

  2. You have to also understand the leverage that comes with BTC due to long term hodlers etc. adding 19 trillion of new capital would not increase the market cap by 19 trillion it would be something in the neighbourhood of 100x the amount of new capital. Of course by the time that much capital left bonds there would be similar reverse effect due to the loss of value of those bonds while collapsing etc. but still generally speaking 1 new dollar into BTC increase market cap about $100

  3. “You should study Bitcoin because it is in essence strong money on a crypto network and there is no reason it can’t flip gold and go to 10 trillion and then replace most debt as a store of value then go to 100 trillion. And if it does it’s going up by a factor of 100 and if you miss it it will be the greatest opportunity of your lifetime and you will have missed it because your were too lazy to so the work.”
    – Michael Saylor

    I thought that was a great statement I wrote down from one the podcasts he was on.

  4. I smile when I read this quotes commenting how stocks valuation are decoupled from Bitcoin valuation.

    When I look at the gold valuation chart, what I see is Bitcoin stealing value from gold.

    Software’s eating the world? Bitcoin’s eating gold.

  5. How do we ever escape this? We’ve seen the FED does not have the stomach to tolerate the asset price vol experienced when they raised rates, as they immediately reversed course. The other central banks do not have the courage or economic data necessary to even attempt reversal.

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