Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold, Will Emerge Into A $100T Asset Class And 100x Of Where It Is Right Now”

Michael Saylor: “Bitcoin Will Surpass Gold, Will Emerge Into A $100T Asset Class And 100x Of Where It Is Right Now”

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  1. tldr; Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor, who holds 17,732 BTC worth almost $1.1 billion in his personal portfolio, believes that Bitcoin will pass gold by the end of the decade. Bitcoin will become a world currency and its price will be 100x of where it is right now. Saylor also believes that few fiat currencies will exist in the future and the dollar will take the place of them.

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  2. My biggest struggle is not questioning IF Bitcoin will accomplish this (I already agree)

    But questioning if buying alts will help me buy more Bitcoin later vs just buying it now

  3. Yes, but WHEN? We don’t all have billions or even millions.. without trying to sound like a “WEN LAMBO” nut job, can I at least ask “when can I tell everyone to fuck off and be financially independent?”

  4. Saylor is wrong, Bitcoin is not a currency, nor will it ever be. It’s functionally worse than existing currencies and their ease of use. Why is everyone going to go to a harder way of doing things? They aren’t. Bitcoin is an asset, not a currency. It may still 100x, but it won’t be used as the everyday way to transact. It’ll be used as an investment vehicle and store of value.

    50 years from now what will it be worth? Who knows.

  5. Bitcoin surpass Gold long time ago, but people dont notice about it

    because “Bitcoin is a scam”; those people will regret when young people understand bitcoin and his value making the price Go Up

  6. Of course he said this🤣 Where is his proof? Show me the numbers. This guy is an idiot shill who of course to no surprise owns bitcoin. He wants everyone to buy it up so he can dump it on everyone then he will hide.

  7. Michael Saylor blocked me on Twitter for suggesting he would end up like Elizabeth Holmes, with his own documentary on Netflix. He has thinned skin, and apparently even thinner conviction if he blocks random profiles with less than 300 followers lol

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