Michael Saylor Explains Bitcoin on Tucker Carlson. Simply the best explanation and interview by Michael Saylor on Bitcoin EVER!

Michael Saylor Explains Bitcoin on Tucker Carlson. Simply the best explanation and interview by Michael Saylor on Bitcoin EVER!

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  1. Probably the best interview I have ever watched talking about Bitcoin. I love that Tucker never interrupted and allowed Michael to talk for over 45 minutes straight before he asked a question.

  2. Tucker: “fist of all that was…how long is this? …You spoke uninterrupted for about 50 minutes.”

    Michael: “you can cut that down-”

    Tucker: “No. No. No. That was amazing! That was like one of the most unbelievable things I’ve ever heard!”

  3. I feel like tucker started this interview with an extremely narrow presupposition of what he THOUGHT he was going to hear and ran into a masterclass on economics, philosophy, history and technology. I don’t know how anyone can listen to this and not change their mind. Guys incredible.

  4. This interview begs rhetorical analysis. He knows his audience. Notice all of the references to

    * Sound, honest, hard money
    * Conservation, conservative, conserve, protect, care, maintain
    * Stability against collapse, plan for the future, prepare
    * Integrity, moral imperative
    * History, wars
    * Property rights, personal bank, comparison to gold, coin collecting

    These are *exactly* the language that will attract boomers. He’s exactly right about all this, but I know my parents would get this talk FAR MORE EASILY than most other presentations. His illustrations and analogies make perfect sense to someone who had parents in WWII, who bought their first house in the 80’s or 90s, who felt the horror when their retirement accounts crashed in 2008.

  5. I can’t believe I watched that whole thing despite knowing everything he was going to say. He’s just so passionate about it. I hope this got some viewers because he really makes it compelling for the average guy.

    I’ve never watched Tucker Carlson before – does he always say nothing like that or is this just him having his brains blown out?

  6. At around 48:15, after listening to saylor talk nonstop for over 45 minutes, Tuckers face just lights up like a kid on Christmas morning, like a kid in a candy store. He looks like the happiest man on earth like everything just clicked. He is having that light bulb moment on camera and seemingly cannot contain his glee. Bitcoin brings pure love and joy to everyone. I’m not the biggest Tucker Carlson fan but I loved watching his reaction.

  7. Great interview and I watched it all too, even that everything was said before. BUT I would criticize Saylor on one point, he clearly kind of denied the question about transaction without the gov knowing. He talked about KYC/AML, and neglected that you can send whatever amount to whatever address you know without the KYC. The KYC is the problem when exchanging for fiat/goods. Similarly, he is promoting Lighting but denying the Bitcoin role of currency. I think he knows well and are reserved in those regards to not trigger govs, and using slicing method to get to the bitcoin standard.

  8. Yes it seems very good, i have not watched it all yet. But at the 16min mark Saylor says inflation robs currency holders of their value. But this is only one aspect. In reality it robs anyone that is selling anything. If you create a trillion dollars and go simultaneously making a deal purchasing every small business in USA you have robbed them of their business when money value was high, now that the trillion dollars entered circulation the sellers come to find that it is in actuality only wort half what they thought when making the deal.

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