Michael Saylor on why Bitcoin fixes money for everyone

Michael Saylor on why Bitcoin fixes money for everyone

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  1. Simple explanation. We make everything so complicated nowdays. I like the comment about CEO’s diluting stocks and how we get screwed on Wall Street. Bitcoin is a pure market and easy to follow. It is not immune to price manipulation just as in any market but you don’t have those other assholes to deal with. My other comment regards Altcoins that he addressed.. My opinion is that Altcoins are for trading Bitcoin is for investing and saving.

  2. People really underestimate stock dilution.

    Blue chips stocks really do dilute your share so many ways. Its not just the obvious payment of executives in newly minted options and shares. Its metric asstons of outright fraud and embezzlement. And they all pay interest to banks and bondholders for which the bank didnt even have to put in any capital. Its pure parasitism.

    Just a few years ago CAT paid billions in a fake merger, fat millions in commissions to their executives, and all to buy a …. company that didnt even exist.

    Toys’r’us executives paid out millions in “advisory fees” to their friends and buddies (and selves really) to suck all the value out of that companies stock and poise it for collapse, then went in a a massive leveraged short just to fuck all the shareholders.

    If you think you can preserve wealth in the stock market, you are a sucker.

  3. Cute video but let’s get real here. You can’t go around sharing this video to serious intelligent people. It’s riddled with stupid video overlay memes and lowers it’s credibility. Just the video of Michael talking would have more impact. No editing needed to prove a point.

  4. That guy made zero valid points. It is still gambling. Its not better than stocks. At least stocks have value. Bitcoin is purely speculative and even just this summer tanked like 30%. Terrible video

  5. While I don’t necessarily disagree, he’s bypassing an entire philosophy of investing in broad markets (like ETFs) to make his point. VTI answers the premise in exactly the same way.

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