Michael Saylor takes Raoul Pal to school

[Michael Saylor takes Roaul Pal to school](

Look at Raoul Pal’s body language around the 2 minute mark… says it all.

Takeaway: SEC Regulations threatening. Sell your altcoins, **Buy Bitcoin.**

*Anyone got a link to the whole discussion?*


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  1. Even though Im nearly a maxi at this point I won’t celebrate government bodies killing other projects. I want to decentralize and shrink tyranny (gov) in as many ways as possible.

  2. If a shitcoin gets regulated in the end as a security it never was decentralized an always immoral. Free markets don’t have room for project hurting the majority of the participants. Don’t free markets eliminate bad actors in the end? Bitcoin fixes this.

  3. He’s not saying altcoins are bad, he’s saying rug-pulls are bad. Some of the greatest innovations in the space are stemming from projects outside of the top 10. DYOR.

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