Micro FUD, Macro warning.

Micro FUD, Macro warning.

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  1. Read the article and it’s basically 3 guys that made money the same way every government does yet they’re going to jail. Honestly hilarious. One of the first times I’ve read an article waiting to see what they actually did to go to jail and at the end I’m like “well I know a good amount of people that do exactly that and are the top of their companies and groups.”

  2. TLDR: The Geek Group, at the time called The National Science Institute, on Leonard Street NW near Alpine Avenue was [**raided**]( by the IRS and Homeland Security Investigations in December 2018, though the agencies would not say why. At the core of the charges, the documents show, is that Boden, Vogt and DeJager marketed The Geek Group to customers as a middleman to buy and sell Bitcoin even the organization was not a licensed money transmitting business. Federal prosecutors allege they sold $700,000 in the cryptocurrency between March 2017 and December 2018.

    Some of the group’s customers’ money, investigators allege, came from the sale of controlled substances. Moving money to hide that it came from illegal activity — in this case, both operating as an unlicensed trader and the drug sales — is money laundering.

    The three are also accused of structuring, which is intentionally moving money in and out of accounts in small enough amounts that banks won’t have to file certain federal reports and authorities therefore won’t look into where the money came from.

    *The court documents also claim Boden tried to hire an undercover police officer to extort a client to collect a debt.*



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