MicroStrategy buys additional 5,050 bitcoins, now holds ~114,042

MicroStrategy buys additional 5,050 bitcoins, now holds ~114,042

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  1. MicroStrategy simply understands that in few years majority of companies, funds and probably countries will hold btc. They are simply front running those who still didn’t decide to jump in.

  2. I really hope Microstrategy has some non-nefarious plans for how they handle being the richest company in the world.

    Can they just declare they have won capitalism and start using the money to get clean drinking water, food security and healthcare to everyone?

  3. Is anyone worried about MicroStrategy centralizing the market? At this point saylor and co. own more then a half percent of the total supply. What does this indicate for the market?

  4. Can anyone think of any advantages to holding a bit of MSTR over just all in on BTC? I was thinking MSTR has a greater ability to turn cheap low interest debt into Bitcoin than us average folk which could play out nicely over the long run. But I am kinda lost on the math of it all. Is it always better just buy spot? Or can someone show me some possible advantages of MSTR?

  5. Hes buying bitcoins for free! Michael saylor is financing his btc purchases by raising capital by issuing more MicroStrategy stock so if bitcoin crashes to $0 its no risk to him except a crash in his company stock price but hes already rich anyway so his shareholders will suffer not Michael!

    We are buying bitcoins with our hard earned life savings!

    So there’s a huge difference 1 is with risk and 1 is without risk!

  6. Microstrategy is a disaster waiting to happen. Does the business actually do anything besides buy more Bitcoin to prop up the price?? One thing i’ve noticed is everytime Microstrategy buys BTC it usually dumps in the days after…

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