Microstrategy CEO, Michael Saylor On China Banning BTC And Crypto: “Nothing Has Created More Wealth In The Past Decade Than Technologies Banned In China”

Microstrategy CEO, Michael Saylor On China Banning BTC And Crypto: “Nothing Has Created More Wealth In The Past Decade Than Technologies Banned In China”

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  1. tldr; Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor has tweeted that China has banned Bitcoin for the 72289393th time. Saylor added that China’s crackdown on crypto, including Bitcoin, is a big opportunity for the U.S. It’s also a reminder of our huge structural advantage over China, Senator Patrick Joseph Toomey Jr. tweeted.

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  2. This proves that Bitcoin is working. They understand it very well. Last thing they want is their people to have freedom. It is incompatible with communism. Funny thing is, they aren’t even real communists. They are simply totalitarian.

  3. Well one good thing comes out of China banning Crypto is that they will not be able to influence its volatility in the future. So this may be bad news in the short term, it’s definitely good news in the long term.

  4. Does the legitimacy of any product or service thrive or suffer based on the decisions of the totalitarian regime of China? Or the fiscally irresponsible policies of the US government? Who hasn’t figured out that the Federal Reserve and hand puppet US Treasury are the true criminals? Crypto is a danger to the individual? I’d love to hear a cogent argument supporting that “Elizabeth Warren” idea…. Ready…. Go….

    Crickets. Thought so.

  5. Most definitely not true. Nike and apple blew up in the last decade because of the Chinese embrace. Hell even the nba doubled its salary cap because of China. Why do you think lebron James gets on his knees for the communist country?

  6. Yeah Apple Nike and NBA and other tech company say hello pal. China being out of crypto is not good because the have the next middle class to upper class with all that money to spend where as america is drained of it

  7. China holds 70% of the circulating supply of Bitcoin. They ain’t outta the Crypto market by a long shot, friends. Call me back when they liquidate those coins and we can have a sit down.

    Plus, Bitcoin was never never structured for daily use, so the real moves will be made when the market decides which coin will be used (primarily) for day-to-day transactions. Right now, that’s STILL the unanswered question.

  8. The developed technologies as alternatives to “disruptive” services from abroad are practically the same thing as the original but they target a spesific nation and brand it differently. So most technologies created that way, just stay in China andnever see the light of the day outside it

  9. China wants to create the wealth, not have it created around them. This is key to their strategy of controlling developing nations via debt traps for resources. If those developing nations went the way of El Salvador, China’s financial leverage weakens significantly with their expansionist policies.

  10. We’re getting to the point in the next few years… Maybe a decade.. the countries that make the right choice are going to be on the front lines until total decentralized government takes it’s hold. It’s stupid the idea we need countries and they will go away in the next 10 100 1000 10000. It’s only a matter of time if you imagine exponential technological advancements

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