MicroStrategy Invests $15 Million in Bitcoin—Adding to $4.3 Billion Stash

MicroStrategy Invests $15 Million in Bitcoin—Adding to $4.3 Billion Stash

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  1. What I love about him buying is that he has no intention to sell these coins in the near future. He says he can use them as collateral (even overcollsteralize) and barrow small amounts of fiat against it if his company needs cash flow.

    From Bitcoin liquidity perspective these coins are locked!

  2. tldr; MicroStrategy has bought 328 Bitcoin worth $15 million at an average price of $45,710 per Bitcoin. This brings its total Bitcoin holdings to 90,859 Bitcoin, currently worth around $4.3 billion. The firm is now 9,141 Bitcoin shy of reaching a grand total of 100,000 Bitcoin.

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  3. anyone have a run down of the convertible note duration, to date?

    edit: found them on SEC filings – the latest one is $1B @ 0% and matures in 2027 or is convertible to common stock after 2024. earliest 8K shows $500M maturing in 2025. So either the board will dilute or start buying back shares to defend the stock price, or both.

  4. Where do they come up with the money to buy more BTC? Did they find these millions in the sofa cushions?

    They’re likely funneling all/most revenue to BTC. /r/wallstreetbets would be so proud



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