MicroStrategy world 2021: CEO introduces Bitcoin to many Corporations


TR;DR Breakdown:

  • MicroStrategy’s CEO overwhelmed by the turnout of events. 
  • Over 22000 participants recorded in the virtual summit. 

The MicroStrategy world 2021 virtual summit was a massive success after the company gathered about 22,000 registered people. According to the CEO, Micheal Saylor, in a tweet which he made on the 6th of February, he said that MicroStrategy world 2021 was a very successful event. 

He was able to discuss several issues about Bitcoin and registered approximately 8917 participants for his program. Of all the participants, about 6917 different corporations were present. Therefore, Michael got many corporations to listen to him speak about the most prominent cryptocurrency in the market and its vast potential for investors. 

MicroStrategy world 2021 is just the start of a massive publicity 

With the free access to the most significant event by MicroStrategy, Michael is looking to reach everybody interested in cryptocurrency. The figures obtained from the MicroStrategy world 2021 virtual summit were just live streams, meaning that a lot of people will still access this life-changing event. 

Although his ambition was to reach a lot of people, his expectations were exceeded. Before the event, he was already surprised by the outcome. However, the CEO will keep using this medium to attract many users worldwide as this is a starting point.

The CEO came into the limelight after buying Bitcoin on several occasions as a strategy in his corporation. The company got a low rating from Citi’s risk analysis after purchasing $650 million worth of Bitcoin, all in debt recently. However, the strategy gave the corporation huge returns in hundreds of millions. 

Even when significant investors were in panic mode after Bitcoin’s value was going down significantly, as well as the predictions of a decline in BTC value, Michael kept buying, increasing MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin reserves. 

He, therefore, took it upon himself to publicize the cryptocurrency. According to recent reports, his tweet percentage about BTC is 90 percent, which means he spends all his time spreading the good news about the most used cryptocurrency. 

MicroStrategy is a positive influence on investors 

The company, coupled with Michael’s cooperative strategy, has positively influenced the entire crypto ecosystem. The purchases of BTCs severally created a disturbance as there were not enough to go around for investors, causing price pressure. 

Other investors like PayPal, Graystal, and the likes have followed suit, increasing the price of Bitcoin lately. With the massive attendance at MicroStrategy world 2021, Michael Saylor has been able to increase the interest of investors further.

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