Mike Novogratz considers Cardano a ‘mystery,’ slams the currency.


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Mike Novogratz, one of the most successful and well-known hedge fund managers, has spoken against Cardano.
  • The hedge fund manager has maintained a negative stance on Cardano for a long time and stated that he considers it a ‘mystery.’
  • After Mike Novogratz tweeted this, people on Twitter asked the manager to search on the reason why the crypto has risen to 3rd position.

The rise of cryptocurrencies from the bearish trend was nothing short of spectacular. As Solana reached its all-time high today, Luna followed it. Another spectacular growth was experienced by Cardano that captured the third position in the crypto ranking.

The rise of Cardano brought attention to many crypto investors and enthusiasts. Mike Novogratz replied to a tweet by a cryptocurrency enthusiast wherein he asked the reason for Cardano’s rise to the third rank. In the reply, he called the 3rd biggest cryptocurrency a ‘mystery.’

Mike Novogratz received a bold response

Plenty of Cardano supporters came out to relay their thoughts on this statement by the hedge fund manager. The statements by Mike on Cardano have made him popular, and he has continued to reply to other users condemning his lack of knowledge of Cardano.

“You had two options, Mike; open a bunch of tabs and research, or simply visit a farm. You chose none(unsurprisingly).”

a Twitter user said.

Mike replied with a tweet which read: