Milan, capital of cryptocurrencies: the project

Milan, capital of cryptocurrencies: the project

Milan, the Italian capital of cryptocurrencies. This is the dream of the candidate for mayor Pietro Furlan, who presented himself yesterday at a press conference.

This was reported by the newspaper Milano Finanza. The candidacy is supported by the political movement “Gilet Arancioni” and the “Partito Valore Umano (Human Value Party)”.

At yesterday’s press conference, on the subject of monetary policy, Pietro Furlan said:

“It is clear that we need to restore possibilities. Let’s put the human person at the centre, with their freedom, a freedom that also means economic initiative. Freedom also in terms of monetary policy. Nothing at this time is crazy. Milan has always prided itself on being a forerunner, a protagonist, a trailblazer for the national economy, so why not give it the chance to promote the development of cryptocurrencies, and therefore also give people the chance to pay taxes and other administrative costs? Do you know that in Switzerland, Canton of Zug, in Chiasso and in Miami people can pay using Bitcoin? Why shouldn’t we give this possibility?” 

The goal is ambitious and is part of an election campaign that is about to begin. Indeed, Milan will vote between September and October 2021 to reconfirm or choose the successor of the current centre-left mayor Giuseppe Sala. 

Pietro Furlan could be an alternative, both to Sala as well as to the centre-right, within a coalition that wants to be open and transversal.

Milan as a cryptocurrency capital, like Zug and Miami

The project to make Milan a cryptocurrency hub, as Furlan said, is inspired by what is happening in Switzerland and Miami. In Switzerland, in Chiasso and in the canton of Zug, Furlan noted, several Italians have moved here and have brought and developed their crypto project. For Italy, this means losing talent. 

In Miami, the turnaround has been more recent. Only a while ago did Mayor Francis Suarez announce that it will be possible to pay taxes in cryptocurrencies in the city. Those who wish will also be able to use them to pay their employees (even partially). 

It is a challenge that aims to make Miami the technological capital of Florida. 

He had stated in this regard: 

“I firmly believe that when and if Amazon and or Apple adopts bitcoin as a payment structure the dam will essentially break because at that point you’re talking about a very high volume of transactions being able to use bitcoin,” Suarez said. “I just wanted us to be on the cutting edge and sort of ahead of the game.”

As if to say, it’s not a question of “if” cryptocurrencies will become mainstream, but “when” it will happen and, when it does, whoever is ahead of the game will benefit. This is Miami’s plan, this is Milan’s dream.


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