Mimir Quiz, the First Ever Blockchain-Powered Quiz Game to Launch End of October | CryptoGazette

Mimir Quiz, the First Ever Blockchain-Powered Quiz Game to Launch End of October | CryptoGazette

Sons of Mim, a Swedish game studio that uses blockchain to develop its titles, has announced a fun and addictive trivia game that rewards participants in cryptocurrency for playing and winning.

By the end of October, the studio will launch Mimir Quiz, the world’s first blockchain-powered quiz game. The game uses Trivia, the world’s most universal and proven game concept of all time.

Mimir Quiz game will allow players to enjoy two distinct game modes within the same quiz app: 1vs1 and Tournaments. The 1vs1 game mode will include a version of the popular round-based Trivia game that has been famous in mobile games for a long time.
The game has five rounds, each with three questions. Players can duel 1v1 against random opponents or friends and family anytime during the day.

The live-streamed quiz tournaments are the primary draw of the Mimir Quiz. Daily quiz tournaments will be broadcast from Stockholm, Sweden, and players worldwide can take part in them. The live tournaments are a thrilling and social experience that puts your knowledge of a wide range of topics to the test. It is a fin game with 10 to 15 questions, similar to HQ Trivia, with the ultimate goal of making it all the way through to win.

The Mimir token will launch as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, using the Polygon layer-two solution for scalability, efficient gas fees, and cross-chain capability.

The Mimir token is an integral component of the company’s gaming ecosystem: a decentralized governance token users can employ to vote on what the company should do next in terms of new games, software functions, or business strategy, besides being a utility token for the Mimir quiz game.

Along with the token, each user will create their MetaMask wallet during the sign-up process. With the wallet set up, users will be able to interact with all the in-game functions, which include playing, staking, earning, and receiving tokens.

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