Mining Bitcoin (or altcoins) with a small photovoltaik setup at home

Hello everyone,

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I recently purchased two solar modules with a combined output of 660 Watts(peak) with an inverter that peaks out at about 600 Watts and directly routes the electricity in my apartment.

The system consists of the following items:
2x Canadian Solar Photovoltaik modules (330 Watt(peak) each) [220€]
1x Envertech EVT560 Inverter [200€]

The Idea behind the photovoltaik modules started out as reducing my electricity bill which already shows positive effects.
I also started to run my dishwasher and washing machine only on sunny days to get the maximum effect.
I know this is a rather small poweroutput to mine in any significant way.
But I still want to use the produced energy somehow as to not waste too much.
I am in the fortunate situation that I can work from home so I already use some of the energy myself.
(about 60-120 Watt per hour -> normal working Laptop with an extra monitor)

Thats why I devised a plan to use a miner anytime I am not home and am not washing any dishes or clothes.

I already calculated how much I am currently able to mine.
Here a list I devised of miners that could be suitable, including a possible purchasing price and return on investment if I only mine 5 hours a day for 21 sunny days per month:


I calculated the €/day with through this website:

Yes, I understand that this a rather small amout of mining power.
I just wanted to use as much self produced power as possible.

The perfect Sunny Conditions would look as follows:
400 Watt from 11:00 till ~16:00 (5 Hours)


Note: I can set up the modules a little bit differently to maximize the time I get 400 Watts. I am looking into that.

I already looked into mining with other miners.

Goldshells “HS1-PLUS” for instance unfortunately needs a PC but still only uses about 115Watts which means I can run it for longer but it also is more expensive as the miners I listed in the picture above.

For the time being I only looked into SHA-256 Miners as to only mine Bitcoin, but I am open to suggestions.

I also only looked into antminer as I wanted to start it remotely and it automaticaly starts up to mine without having to manually sing into any interface or website.

The idea was to plug the antminer in a smartplug where I can remotely control the boot up time and also easily monitor the electricity usage.

I also found a forum from 2017 where they discuss running a miner at about 400 Watts and underclocking the Antminer S7.
Thats where I got the idea and GH/s from, which you can find in my calculations.

[see: [](]

The idea for a rasperry pi with USB-miners also came up but they (USB-miners) are more expensive and I need to set it up with a rasperry pi which I may not be abel to do easily.
(I already saw a video how to set up an Antminer S7 which I found to be quite easy)

Does anyone have a similar setting?
Should I look into altcoins to mine more eficiently?

The most important question I couldnt find an answer to is, if I can run it 5 hours a day sparingly throughout the month without getting kicked out of the mining pool for not being active enough.


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