Mixin to Join Bytom 2.0 for Promoting Global Node Ecosystem

Mixin to Join Bytom 2.0 for Promoting Global Node Ecosystem

Mixin Network and the Bytom Blockchain join hands in 2019. They have announced the upgrade for 2021 to add a few more strategies and advancements. The Exin team is an active developer in the ecosystem of Mixin and owns the staking node, Exin Pool. The EximPool voted for the Bytom 2.0 node to provide users with a trustworthy environment. This was done to for supporting the Bytom 2.0 Global network and other upgrades related to ecological constructions. It has been a much deliberated step by EximPool for the users of the platform. They will be more secure than ever before.

The revenue of Bytom 2.0 nodes comes from the rewards generated by the block and the transfer fees. As per reports, the annual rewards are capped at 30 M BTM. The node’s yearly collateral rewards are anticipated to be between 30% to 60%. EximPool will reportedly integrate the advantages of its own platform and formulate complete node operations. The same might also include the maintenance plan. They will ensure seamless mode operations and bring stable long-term benefits to the users. 

After the launch of Bytom 2.0, users will get to vote for EximPool nodes via Bycoin and build nodes in a joint manner. The rewards are speculated to be distributed via the ExinPool with a zero minimum payment amount every day. Here are the benefits of the same:  

  • A single address will be given 10 BTC per day on every 1000 BTM just by participating. Accordingly, more voters will be rewarded according to their participation. 
  • Almost 92% of the node revenue will be sent back to the participating user in the node every day. 
  • Participating in BTM nodes will give them the chance to enjoy the EPC rewards. EPC is mainly used to reduce trading fees. For every 5000 BTM, however, voted by a single address, they will get 10 EPC rewards. 

EximPool will reportedly be dedicated to the construction of Bytom and will together promote network decentralization and stability.

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