Money Badger don’t give a fuck

Money Badger don’t give a fuck

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  1. When I got into crypto a while back it took me a long time to understand how it worked. The only thing that caught my interest and kept me moving forward was the understanding that it was created for this exact reason. I’ve been waiting for this day for about a decade and it has finally come and it’s everything I hoped for… so far

  2. My understanding of this is that they flagged the wallets and told the exchanges that they cannot allow these wallets to turn their crypto into fiat.

    Obviously the answer given by crypto buffs is that the point isn’t to turn it back into fiat but these protestors just needed cash. So , aren’t they able to do this? Even if it’s a hardware wallet can’t they see where the donated money is going?

  3. Question: I keep most of my coins on a number of hardware wallets. I do sometimes keep some on electrum wallets though. Can electrum be shut down? Like can governments pull the plug on electrum wallets?

  4. I bet he felt stupid when someone explained to him this is not even possible. Makes me realise humans Never owned anything because the government can freeze assets and just take anything you own.. Except bitcoin lol

  5. Wow can mods please delete this complete garbage? Trudeau didn’t say *ANYTHING* about this, it was a rep from his government talking at length about a complicated asset seizure mechanism. Good christ this sub has turned into absolute dog shit.

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