money isn’t the same anymore

money isn’t the same anymore

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  1. My friends are in college at the moment and one of them is 20k in debt. They all agree the actual knowledge isn’t worth it, only the paper saying you know something is kinda worth it.
    I’ll probably go to college later down the road but it definitely won’t be in the USA it just feel way too over priced for what you get.

  2. This is how much college was worth to me: was taking economics Q1 2008 with a book from Bernanke from 2007 and neither the book nor the professor had any idea the GFC was happening.

  3. Money is, in essence, a very bad way of telling society how each person “should” value something. Instead of letting each person discover or come up with what they value for themselves 🙂

  4. Among the reasons I consider macroeconomics to be absolute pseudoscience no better than astrology, is that their tools for measuring inflation and productivity are absolute dogshit garbage.

    “There’s no inflation – the price of TVs, Big Macs, and consumer prices have barely moved!”

    Meanwhile, housing prices, healthcare, education, stocks – asset and service classes whose supply can’t be radically expanded through technological improvements the same way energy / consumer goods / food / some raw materials can, have all seen meteoric price inflation. And these assets / services, especially housing, make up more than half of average people’s regular expenses.

  5. The federal government fully guarantees almost all students loans. That’s the problem. That makes it easy for most students to get student loans. Which sounds good, but they’re stuck with them whether they finish or not. Also, they might choose a major that they don’t end up liking. Or they like their major, but it’s hard to get hired in that industry. Or they do get hired, but the industry doesn’t pay well. They also feel like they have to go to college, so most go no matter the cost. So colleges raise tuition. You can’t blame them. Blame the government. You can’t drink until 21, but you can take on crippling debt without issue.

  6. I can see those college prices being worth it (eventually maybe) for jobs like lawyers, engineers and doctors. Do you have to pay the same price for critical race studies, gender studies and philosophy?

  7. That’s what happens when the government subsidizes something. If you tell a business that they will have customers with guaranteed blank checks, that business will charge whatever it wants. It used to be that tuition could be paid by working a summer job or working a bit through college in the 70s-80s. Then the government started writing blank checks to kids who weren’t even trusted to drink alcohol but could put themselves into lifetime crippling debt for a product that has become infinitely cheaper with the increase of technology and the internet. Imo it’s a bubble that will burst one day with extreme consequences. You can’t have a population living in extreme debt and expect a good outcome. The best solution is for the gov to stop doing student loans tomorrow, let these vastly overspending colleges(my college literally had a fucking water park, multiple full service restaurants, and a concert arena) go into bankruptcy and be forced to sell off their million dollar assets, dissolve if necessary, and tuition can go back to being affordable. It’ll be a turbulent 5-10 years for education but it’s much better than the alternative.



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