MoneyNext’s Blockchain Summit is Going to Take Place on 23rd–24th February, 2021

MoneyNext’s Blockchain Summit is Going to Take Place on 23rd–24th February, 2021

Europe’s leading Blockchain Summit is back, online from 23rd–24th February, 2021 on the MoneyNext online platform.

Tuning in live to the Summit this year will be over 1,000 senior decision makers and over 20 visionary speakers from well regarded and respected companies from across the world.

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The topics covered over the two days of panel discussions will vary from DeFi and Digital Identity, Cryptocurrency, and how Blockchain is revolutionising Financial Services.

Some of the speakers from this year’s Blockchain Summit are:

  • Lex Sokolin, CMO & Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys
  • Andra-Maria Maute, Head IT Strategy, AXA
  • Sally Eaves, Emergent Technology CTO | Global Strategy Advisor –Blockchain AI FinTech, Forbes Technology Council
  • Ivar Wiersma, Head of Venture Development, r3
  • Mariana Gomez de la Villa, Distributed Ledger Technology Program Director, ING
  • Patrick O’Donnell, Vice President of Digital Consumer Solutions, Mastercard

The panels themselves do have structured questions but also welcome and encourage audience participation which means that a lot of the conversation is spontaneous and lead by those that tune in. If you are keen to tune in, you can register for free on the MoneyNext platform and choose the sessions to watch from there.


Viewing platform:

Dates: 23rd–24th February, 2021

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