Moons: A dive into their economics and why you should purchase moons alongside earning them.

##What are moons?

For those that don’t know, moons are a cryptocurrency given out monthly on this subreddit based on how many upvotes you received. They’re currently sitting around $0.07. For this upcoming distribution, each upvote was worth roughly 0.88 moons, so about 6¢ per upvote. The distribution before that was around 0.42 per upvote. Moons are used on this subreddit for governance polls over in /r/CryptoCurrencyMeta. You can also use moons to purchase a premium subreddit membership (ability to use GIFs, images, username color, special flair, etc) and every time someone does, moons are burned. [Here]( is a better video explaining what they are.

To start earning moons you need to open your vault, you can do that by following [this guide](


##Can I purchase moons?

You absolutely can! In fact, that’s a big reason as to why I’m writing this post. Most people don’t know that you can purchase moons when they’re not on mainnet yet. According to CoinGecko the volume on moons right now is $6,037, theres over 2 million members on this sub. I purchased my moons by using my Coinbase Earn rewards and converting them to moons. By far the best way I’ve found is to buy DAI and use Honeyswap instead of using Uniswap and dealing with insane fees.

[Here]( is a good guide on how to do that. It seems like a bit of work but it’ll not take you long at all, I promise.

Keep in mind if you want to wait until moons are listed on an exchange that at that point moons will probably not be this cheap


##Moon Economics

So on to the main reason I’m writing this post. As I mentioned, moons have a volume of $6,037 right now. Probably 99.99% of this sub has never purchased a moon. If you’re here now and wishing you were here at the beginning of moons, it’s not too late to stockpile them by investing in them just like you would any other coin. If half of this subreddit purchased $5 worth of moons, the volume would jump to around $5,000,000 (quick math, I know). This is unrealistic at the moment with how hard it is to buy moons, but if the sub gets even more popular (i.e. people learn you can earn money by shitposting) or mainnet happens and you can buy moons in an easier fashion, like on Coinbase, the volume will increase drastically. Volume isn’t everything though, but an increase in volume usually means an increase in price (not always, but generally)

So why would you buy them when you can earn them for free? Well, for one buying gives you more and if you missed out on the bigger distributions (7 moons an upvote is a popular one to think about) you can catch up to those who have more. People are sad that they don’t have as many moons as the people who have been around longer, but you can change that. Moons are a very popular coin on one of the biggest crypto forums in the world and most people on here don’t buy them. The minute people can buy it easily, *they will*. For how many people there are on this subreddit, a $6,000 trading volume for a coin that everyone discusses all the time on here is laughably low.

Let’s look at market cap. Now, market cap is price multiplied by circulating supply. From what I can find, I can’t find an accurate current circulating supply. However, what we do know is that the max supply is 250 million and that we aren’t close to that. Posts from 2 months ago suggest a circulating supply of 60 million

For simplicity sake I’ll just do both at the same time. Assuming we maintain a 60 million circulating supply and we know the price is $0.07, this puts the market cap around $4.2 million. If we have the max supply, this puts the market cap around $17.5 million

Let’s take a look at the market cap leaderboard. PAX is currently 100th with a marketcap of $878 million. Let’s assume moons hit 100th in market cap (which I honestly don’t think is too far fetched once it hits mainnet and people can purchase it more easily with how big this subreddit is, top 50 is probably out of reach but weirder things have happened). With a circulating supply of 60 million and a market cap of $878 million, moons would have a price of $14.63. If the circulating supply was the max, it’d have a price of $3.51

That’s an absolutely insane ROI.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but buy moons. They’re a great investment and are nowhere close to their actual potential at the moment.

You can use them to buy a subreddit membership or to have more say in how things are run around here, which is great! Let your voice be heard. If you don’t like something, you have a say and the more moons you own the more sway your vote has

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  1. I mean, at the end of the day it’s a brilliant way for reddit to increase engagement and further continue to build the platform. Is there any other apps that do things similar to reddit’s moons? I’m curious.

  2. As sad as it is, moons have a better business case and usage medium than 90% of coins out there. Makes sense to throw $5 down.


    I dropped $10 on doge as a joke back in 2015 and its worth $4K now.

  3. Anyone remember reddcoin? That was one of the first altcoins I invested in. I loved the idea, if I remember correctly the goal was to be something similar to what moons and other reddit tokens is today.

    I was really excited when I found out about moons for this reason. Can’t wait to get some in my wallet someday.

  4. You might have convinced me! Plus in my novice state I haven’t really ventured out in buying coins in other ways except for Coinbase. This might be a useful and profitable learning experience!

  5. I’m with you on investing fiscally in the system. Its the only way to drive it up. This will come more naturally I would hope once we move off of test net onto main net.

  6. Someone with lots of moons is telling us to buy moons?

    They’re on testnet right now, so I wouldn’t mess around trying to buy them until you can properly exchange them.

    You can risk losing money or your funds.

    While it’s extra risky to buy moons, you’re not totally wrong about the potential they might have in the future. I mean, people farm karma and jump through hoops to get more, when it doesn’t even have any monetary value. So imagine now karma points with monetary value. That’s moons.

  7. The thing is why buy them in the first place. They have no real use. Sure we like accumulating them but I don’t get what problem they solve. Also with them going mainnet and getting easier to sell, I see the price dropping rather then rising but who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️. Have an upvote for a non-shitpost post with real information.

  8. I heart from it like one hour ago. So my question might sound stupid.
    Does the other subreddit points also have a price for their token? Or is it just the one in cryptocurrency?

  9. I agree with this post. I could sell my moons for a decent amount of money, but I am holding them because I believe that they will be worth much more in the future.

  10. I’m just grateful someone linked to how to open the vault. Im kinda clueless to crypto and thought moons would be a fun way to get into it but not knowing how to even store them let alone earn them was annoying.



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