Morgan Stanley doubles exposure to Bitcoin through Grayscale shares 👍🏻

Morgan Stanley doubles exposure to Bitcoin through Grayscale shares 👍🏻

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  1. tldr; US investment bank Morgan Stanley has more than doubled its shares of Grayscale Bitcoin Trust since April. Morgan Stanley Europe Opportunity Fund, which invests in established and emerging companies throughout Europe, owned 58,116 shares of GBTC as of July 31. In April, Morgan Stanley announced it would be adding Bitcoin exposure to 12 investment funds.

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  2. Probably part of a short term play. Once the premium goes against them they’ll sell.

    Holding would be way better, as they could lend it to their customers and collatoralize…

  3. Funny that with market drop last couple trading days, Grayscale and Bitcoin have dropped as well. Gold has gone up during this market drop.

    You would think those selling off would move into Bitcoin but dip keeps dipping..

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