Millie Bobby Brown Gets REAL for Dark Fantasy Film “Damsel”

Millie Bobby Brown is promoting her new dark fantasy film “Damsel,”

Millie Bobby Brown is promoting her new dark fantasy film “Damsel,”

Move over Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown is all grown up and kicking butt in her new Netflix film “Damsel”! This ain’t your typical fairy tale, folks. Millie plays a princess who gets tricked by a charming prince (can you believe it?!) and ends up fighting for her life against a fire-breathing dragon

Millie Goes Method (Kind Of)

Apparently, Millie didn’t exactly hit the gym in preparation for this role. She told “Extra’s” Mona Kosar Abdi that she wanted to feel just as unprepared as her character: “I don’t really like working out,” she admitted (same, Millie, same). “I wanted to see mistakes… It makes you fall in love and care about the character more.” Sounds like she embraced the whole “clumsy princess” vibe – and those falls must have been epic!

Feeling the Feels

So how does Millie get into character for those intense emotional scenes? It turns out she doesn’t have a fancy acting method. “I don’t really have a method,” she says. She just goes with her gut: “I think, for me, like, instinct, it’s just what I feel I would do in that moment.” Sounds like Millie’s natural emotional depth is what brings her characters to life.

Tennis Ball Terror?

When it came to battling the fearsome dragon, Millie’s co-star wasn’t exactly what you’d expect. Believe it or not, it was just a tennis ball! “That was my co-star,” Millie joked. “Didn’t give me much facial expressions, but was always there on time so I appreciated that.” Talk about a low-key dragon!

Millie the Mogul

Millie’s not just starring in “Damsel,” she’s also an executive producer! “It’s huge for me,” she says. This girl is taking Hollywood by storm, both on and off screen.

And the Cutest Crash Ever!

Just when you thought this interview couldn’t get any better, Millie’s adorable pup, Winnie the Pooh, decided to make a surprise appearance! Talk about a scene stealer!

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