Musician Grimes’ debut NFT auction generates $5.8M in 20 minutes

Musician Grimes’ debut NFT auction generates $5.8M in 20 minutes

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  1. tldr; Canadian musician and visual artist, Claire Elise Boucher, or Grimes, has sold a mammoth $5.8 million worth of tokenized art in less than 20 minutes on Nifty Gateway. The collection included four drawings sold by open draw, three images sold through silent auction, and a single one-of-a-kind multimedia piece.

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  2. Original artwork that is signed has always been prized. I think everyone agrees on that. But not everyone is going to see the original of that artwork. NFTs allow that. It’s a weird thing to comprehend, but if you say Banksy made an nft, I think we can all agree that it would be worth something even if people could see a picture of it without paying for it. If you own it, you own it. For the whales, that’s what it’s about.



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