Musk is the prime example of a hypocrite

Yeah I’m also tired of his name, but I need to bring this up:

While Musk manipulates the crypto market with talks about “Bitcoin needs to become greener” I stumbled upon some newsarticle of him and Tesla ([German News Article](

Tl;Dr: Because of bad planning he need **hundreds of diesel generators** for his german Tesla factory.

I know this news are not directly related to crypto, but with Musk talking shit about bitcoin mining like he’s the guardian of nature this is good to know.

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  1. His products are commonly riddled with problems. His new solar roofs ended up costing more than the original contracts.
    We have solar panels and I actually know the repair guy by name I have seen him so much.
    Seems like a lot of problems with his cars.
    His tunnel boring project in Vegas was a joke compared to what he initially promised.
    I thought I read his satellites have a high rate of failure.
    I know dude is innovative but I would stay the hell off his first rockets to mars. Lol.
    Dude even said ‘oh yeah people are gonna die’

  2. Oh boy his gigafactory in Berlin was build on deforestation. It’s gonna consume 1,3 million cubic meter drink water per year which is 30% of the water reservoirs of the region.

    Activist trying to prevent it and even the government has concerns about the environmental impact now.

  3. Can we please stop giving him exposure like he’s some enlightened god of crypto?
    Let’s work on getting crypto accepted at every shop in town and employees the option of being paid, at least in part, with crypto. Then Tesla will be the one left out of the game. We don’t need Tesla to succeed, we need each other; transacting.

  4. Maybe he saw bitcoins energy usage as something that was fixable but not being achieved due to complacency in the space and did something to kickstart it. Its not a coincidence now theres a whole ass mining council and more initiative to get it more efficient to minimize its footprint.

  5. He was only a investor in Tesla it was created by two other guys they invented all the tech he is using they made all the connections that they use today for the business then once they made it all ready to go he squeezed these two poor guys out of there life work of creating Tesla and listed himself as a co founder i feel so bad for these guys he became the richest man on earth from there business that they could not be apart of because Elon wanted it all to himself.
    Elons a predator when it comes to money people should be very wary now he is involved with Bitcoin

  6. He knows exactly what he is doing. And I bet he will initiate BTC purchases at Tesla whenever he feels like it. Saying he is waiting for 50% is nonsense and he knows it.

    Hate the guy, but god damn is he good.

  7. I don’t get how TESLA is this super green company. Correct me if I’m wrong. But in my country at least they are charged off our power grid which is mostly coal powered. They are basically coal powered cars.

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