My latest theory on day trading..

..Is that I am entirely unqualified to do it.

There are people who have dedicated their *entire lives* to predicting fluctuations in markets like these.

And then there’s my naive self, foolishly thinking I actually have any insight whatsoever, rather than just literally guessing like everybody else.

Remember [this study]( which found the portfolios in which the owner had *died* actually performed the best, simply because they weren’t there to disturb it.

Will buy and hold from now on.

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  1. Crypto is still new, and super volatile. Precision is dangerous thinking in markets. Unless someone has an education in finance and years of experience, trying to time the market can be doom. I use limit orders on sales to catch a spike, I’ve had success a few times too, other than that I just watch (not every 4 minutes lol) and *try* not to anchor my thinking to certain amounts or percentages, this market is gonna fluctuate wildly.

  2. Imo it only works when you have multiple cryptos that you really like and kinda keep up with news on and sell a fraction of one during a spike to sell it for another that had a bit of a sell off for no reason really. If you think a coin has a very strong future don’t go selling it all to try to trade on some other coin or buy the dip. If anything just trade like 20% of your funds or something, don’t go all out and get left behind..

  3. Time in the market, beats timing the market. This is what they say about ETFs. But it’s true for any asset that is fundamentally good, which quite a few cryptos are.

  4. Day trading is a bit of a stretch for consistent reliable income with crypto, but swing trading can pay off – however it can be costly time-wise.

    Many people are buying the major dips after ATHs and holding for a while. It’s decent if you’re prepared to wait weeks and check on it semi-frequently.

  5. The past few days a lot of people think they are good in trading due to the bull market but now that the price is dumping those who swing trade are chasing gains. At the end it’s so much better and easier to just hold and DCA.

  6. I also tried day trade an quickly abandoned because for a noob like me it made no sense, news would not impact the price as they should and I could not see any logical patterns.

  7. I’ve learned the hard way as well… A way to expensive way to learn IMO, but hey that’s life. I won’t be making that one again.

    I do enjoy the concept of day trading and leverage though.

    So now I dedicate a portion of my days paper trading, working on graphs, and back testing bots.

    Maybe one day I’ll have enough courage to get back into the game again.

    But for now HODL! and possibly get some nice APY on it while I do so.

    Compound interest is fun!

  8. Got to the same conclusion. I would make more money just holding and would save me the stress and time of looking at charts all day. So I set up a bit that does the job way better than I would anyday. To keep the itch from trading away. And I focus on buying and holding for the long term now

  9. Day trading is effectively gambling for the vast majority of us. I have a small stack that I play with, because I’m always hoping to hit the 100x jackpot, but I never trade with more than 10% of my portfolio. In addition, I make regular monthly transfers from my play stack to my permanent Bitcoin holdings, meaning that if I’ve made poor trades that I have even less to play with as punishment / correction.

    But I would say for every Antshares(NEO) that I buy at a dollar, and sell at the peak of $50, there are two or three times where I’ve lost money in the trade. ( I am the idiot that sold UNI at the literal bottom.)

    Just stick with your 9-to-5, and stack those sats.

  10. I actually profited some crypto by trading my coins that had small losses(technically still at a gain)for ones that had like 30-40% decrease, but I knew they still had potential. Got some decent ones almost half of their previous ATH from a few weeks ago, before the dip. when things start to pass their previous ATH’s in a week or two I’ll be very happy.

  11. There is definately something to say for managing your investments. If Binance goes under in the future for whatever reason you’d better be selling off your BNB before everyone else does.

    Day trading is idiotic for anybody unqualified. If you’re smart enough to make money from it then you’re smart enough to make better money researching and backing legit projects for the long term.

  12. I’ve kept thinking about dabbling in day trading betweens stocks and crypto. Just starting with $250 and seeing if I can get 5% a day for awhile. I truly look at is as a $250 lesson to not day trade, but it will be a lesson that’s worth it.



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