My random data compression algorithm inspired by proof-of-work (yes, really)

Many moons ago I would post my Bitcoin cryptographic protocol schemes here and be ripped to shreds by the crypto gods at /r/bitcoin. Well, I’ve got a new scheme for you all that I’ve been working on. This one isn’t based on money or anything like it. It’s an algorithm for data compression, and it uses a new cumulative form of proof-of-work as a heuristic filtering algorithm to solve the random data compression problem.

I’ve been running some code now on a small compute cluster and think it might be up /r/bitcoin‘s alley. I want to share with you all what I have so far. Which is code that’s about 90% done, many experiments, and what is the first draft of a basic paper. Bitcoin experts: do your worst.

P.S. I get around the pigeon hole problem with indexing outside the data format. It will make sense when you understand the algorithm more. Or it won’t and I’ll just be wrong.


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