@naiiveclub with the best #bitcoin pump up meme videos. TO THE MOON.

@naiiveclub with the best #bitcoin pump up meme videos. TO THE MOON.<a title="" class="aalmanual" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/q1715r/naiiveclub_with_the_best_bitcoin_pump_up_meme/

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  1. Bill Gates in that interview, if you saw the entire thing, was such a wimp who was sort of just being peer pressured by Munger and Buffet. It’s like whatever they said he would have gone along with it. Very odd for someone who was supposedly a “leader” at Microsoft for so long.

    Buffet should probably be the least respected of all the successful investors. He was born on third base and thinks he hit a home run. What teenager has a wealthy powerful congressman father helping him purchase farm land as an investment when they’re barely out of middle school???? lulz at the myth he was so savvy and made it on his own. I will give him credit for sometimes admitting when he doesn’t know something. Munger is incapable of that.

  2. Many bigshot CEO/Banker/Influencer/Assholes who were against Bitcoin are balls deep in Bitcoin. The worst part is that they are still doing what they do best and that is manipulate the market to their liking..

  3. Yes they love them some Poo Bear. However, when you mess with my money, I draw the line. I’m sure being locked out of their crypto accounts is upsetting. I guess it is better to be out of jail than to be rich. After all, you can’t spend money while in prison.

  4. The old guy saying “bitcoin goes to fuckin zero in a micro second” the video cuts off but he says afterwards if everyone knew who owns it. Then he says in another video that he is certain that Vladimir Putin own it, but he is anti crypto so I dont know if he has any wisdom to his words.

  5. OKAY. I love btc as much as the next guy.

    BTC hasnt replaced gold yet. That’s a terrible thing to say.

    How many central banks have bitcoin on their reserves?

    That’s a massive difference between gold and btc. Gold is sitting locked away in gov faults. They have a vested interest to keep gold prices some what afloat. They don’t have own any btc, why would they care about the asset class?

    Once countries start selling their gold reserves for btc than we can start saying btc has replaced gold.

    Until than, it’s fighting the incumbent.

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