[Nano Foundation] The V22.0DB11 build is available

They just announced it today on their Discord channel –

> Thanks for your patience as we resolve the above issue. The V22.0DB11 build is available and includes various minor fixes in addition to the Final Votes ( changes required to better handle fork resolution. Fork testing can now be done on the beta network similar to previous efforts (
> Given the current network conditions we appreciate all efforts on the beta network to get nodes updated and ready for testing as soon as possible.
> Binaries
> Linux:
> macOS:
> Windows:

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  1. I say good. Whatever you read and watch about Bitcoin from before 2017/18 bubble, everyone said the key to widespread adoption of crypto are microtransactions. After BTC has become a store of value, nano fills that role really well, so I’m rooting for them to succeed. I want to buy my cup of coffee with crypto in the near future, I know it won’t be BTC, so maybe nano, maybe XML, or maybe something differentall together. As long as I’m able to do it I’m happy.



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Bitcoin Price Sets New All-Time High, Nearly Breaks $60K

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