Nano is finally delivering confirmation under a second again after fully rolled out v21.3 to be spam-tolerant.

Dealing with spam in decentralized network, while maintaining almost instant confirmation and feeless is very, very difficult.

Some says one of these factors gotta give, all three can’t exist the same time.

It has to be at least on of these: centralized, slow or fees.

It helps me get a better understanding of spams in a decentralized network that spams will always exist. You can’t equate spams the way like you do with a centralized system like emails. Emails can eradicate spams, if the email providers can’t, that’s more about the provider lacked of ability. In a decentralized world, you will have spam as long as you feeless. Nano just working to be a spam-tolerant but not spam-resistant. Tolerant of it so it doesn’t affect the rest of network for legit transaction.

I have a very small bag of Nano. But their goal is truly admirable. It’s hard and might not work. But I want a crypto that tries to solve it, not in a sandbox environment but in a actual real world mainnet.

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  1. Honestly that is pretty impressive. The spam attack hasn’t even subsided and the Nano Network doesn’t even seem to care at all right now. I’m interested if we’re going to see increased activity now..

  2. I sent some of my nano from Natrium to Binance around 8hrs ago, the rest of my balance to my Wenano wallet but nothing has arrived. The transactions don’t show on nanolooker, it shows my wallet having the full balance but my natrium shows a balance of 0. Any ideas? Losing faith in my fav crypto…

  3. So if you wonder why people hate NANO shills it is because of posts like these. First of all this is not a fix for the spam. This [change]( is a short term change to nodes to mitigate the effects of the spam:

    > After the V21.3 upgrade, nodes will be able to synchronize with the network more effectively, although the overall system performance will remain partially degraded until more complex changes are added in subsequent releases.

    This change does not stop spam generation or change the costs to spam. NANO is a pioneering fee-less transaction technology and spam is a serious long term problem. This is because no-fees makes spam cheap and because PoW computations must be doable on phones so there is a low hardware requirement. Currently there is no accepted long term technical solution to the spam. The team is working on it.

    Stay informed and ignore low information posts. Read the official post on v21.3 [here]( and the technical discussion on [PoS4QoS]( which is one proposed solution to actually address spam.

  4. Thing is consensus is pretty much solved in Nano. Now all that is left is ensuring quality of service in a fair way to all participants.

    Currently pow is the only way nano handles it but my thinking was that using pow for consensus or quality of service doesnt matter to the end user if the user experience is the same. Nano would eventualy end up a better/faster bitcoin, including fee-market to acces the network. Not really desirable and the ux wouldnt be better than centralised alternatives.

    The newly proposed solution TaaC/P4Q does seem like the missing piece of the puzzle for Nano and makes pow optional instead of the default state of the network. Ideally the fee-market in P4Q would be much smaller than it is currently and wouldnt affect the overal health of the network.

  5. I was 100% Nano and have been since 2017. I sold 90% of it after this. It finally showed me that although Nano is cool, there are some serious concerns. I’ll always keep some as it’s been a wild ride but I learned to never go 100% on anything and that taking profits is incredibly important. I was emotionally attached to Nano so just couldn’t let go. Never again, sorry.



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