NANO quietly surpassed 3,000,000+ confirmed transaction in the last 24 hours with average confirmation time of 0.312 seconds

Whatever stress test for spamming they are under, NANO is passing with flying color. With daily transaction confirmed totaled around 3.2M the last 24 hours, while confirming each one under half a second.

Still a far cry from VISA who does 150M transaction per day. But I hardly see many cryptos can scale at this level

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  1. When NANO actually does something, it’s usually just passed by as if it’s nothing. But another crypto having some future potential that isn’t even implemented yet nor is even a certainty? Now that’s interesting, all aboard!

    It’s the mandatory “BuT wHaT eLsE cAn NaNo Do?”, while it actually has a working usecase (unlike many others that talk down on it).

  2. I swear this is the one coin I am never selling no matter how little price action it gets. It is everything a crypto currency should be, if I sell can I still say i like crypto?

  3. Why is this not a multi billion project yet?
    I keep thinking about buying more but people are obsessed with dapps and farming.

    This looks epic but doesnt seem to be blowing up.

    Why not?

  4. Well but isn’t the blockchain size growth a bit concerning? With no transaction cost I can imagine the blockchain will just keep growing at such a pace that it outpaces the cost decline of storage capacity. Won’t this lead to more centralisation as only large datacenters can be representatives ?

  5. I hope VISA will adopt Nano soon enough. Their vice president is very vocal about it and even the rest of the VPs teased a listing of a fast and feeless crypto very soon.



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