Nano response to recent spam attacks and update on network

Nano response to recent spam attacks and update on network

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  1. I’ll never dump all my Nano just because I feel Nano represents everything I first joined crypto for, Decentralised peer to peer cash, ‘be your own bank’. It’s painful to see these hiccups but that is what happens with cutting edge technology. I’ll never stop believing especially due to the amazing community Nano has built.

    If Nano manages to do it what it wants, fast and feeless then I’ll be happy

  2. It’s good news but

    > the overall system performance will remain partially degraded until more complex changes are added in subsequent releases.

    So looks like it’ll still be a bit before Nano is back to it’s full instantaneous self. Surprised it’s been able to keep its price relatively stable since the attacks began weeks ago. I’m hopeful the network is able to recover fully soon.

  3. tldr; As part of a DoS attack, an enormous amount of dust accounts were created and submitted to the nano network. The goal appears to be a resource-exhaustion attack aimed at denying service to normal users. Most significantly affected was the synchronization process which made it difficult for nodes to synchronize with each other.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

  4. Guys on here are always praising altcoins and hating on bitcoin. But you see it only takes a few bad actors to take most altcoins down or at least male them run a whole lot slower.



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