Nano Royale: Win NANO by staying alive

Fellow crypto lovers,

I’d like to introduce a new way to win your favorite cryptocurrency. [Nano Royale]( is a simple multiplayer game created by [u/nano_royalty]( where the last player alive wins some sweet sweet NANO. Games last ~1 min and you do NOT need an account to play. Just head on over to []( It was pre-released a few days ago on the Nano subreddit, and a fair few of us (including myself) have gotten hooked on it.

Three variants are launched so far:

**Nano Royale Faucet:**

* Free Entry
* Small Prizes
* 1 Nano Jackpot

**Nano Royale Low + Mid-Stakes:**

* 0.01-0.10 NANO Entry
* Win other player’s NANO
* Win up to **500x** your stake (up to 50 Nano)

Once you’ve had a look, feel free to hop on to the Discord server to share your thoughts!


**Pre-emptive FAQ:**


***Do I need to download anything? Can I play this on my phone?***

No, and no. NR is a browser-based game, but at the moment does not support touch controls.


***How are people chatting ingame?***

Play in Chrome, and hold right mouse button. It’ll convert your speech to in-game text.


***Do I need a Nano wallet?***

Not necessarily. The Nano Royale Faucet has no entry, it’s only when you want to withdraw that you’ll need a wallet. For the staked games, just grab your [Natrium]([Nault]( wallet!

***This thing is OK, but I have an idea on how to make it waaaaaaay better.***

Technically not a question, but we want to hear your thoughts. Hop into the Discord and help us make it as fun as possible!


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  1. I might as well hop on this train. I’ve been doing WeNano for the past couple months. Besides traveling I have no spots near me so I rely on the world spot which is next to nothing but can’t complain getting free crypto.

  2. Tried out the game, seems fun.

    Withdrawl is kinda weird, i collected 0,003 nano, but when i went tk withdraw, it only took 0,0003 nano. On the game it still shows that 0.0027 remains…

    And appearantly the game states that these funds are locked and must be used on staked games… I guess that’s one waiting in forcing and promoting gambling.



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